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Salt & Sage is a multipurpose culinary platform founded by me, chef and food scientist.

Food with thought is at the heart of everything I do: when I teach a class, I may share new techniques for cooking a classic dish, or emphasize a common ingredient that brightens up anything it touches. When I cook for a retreat, I ensure I am nourishing the bodies and spirits of the attendees.  And when I develop a product, I find the perfect balance of flavor to ensure they fly off the shelves.


Salt & Sage is here to leave you feeling inspired, confident and full.


I believe that food not only fills our bellies but also our souls.  It is a catalyst for connection, a way to bring together new friends and old, as food and laughter is shared.


I am an executive chef, food scientist, nutritionist, wine aficionado, and pizza lover.  But first and foremost, I am a cook, putting my love for the food and my guests onto every plate I prepare. 


With more than 25 years in professional and development kitchens, I have collected a lot of experience, skills, and techniques that do me no good to hold onto. So now I am sharing what I know through virtual and in-person cooking classes, intensives, and retreats.  Because there is nothing better than the feeling of enjoying delicious food and knowing "I made that."

When not in the kitchen, I can be found at my home in the Sierras, skiing, running trails, paddling the lake, or otherwise enjoying mountain life with my husband, Tim, and our sweet doggo, Nala.


As a food scientist and chef, I have developed or worked on many products in retail and grocery.  Some of the products include brands you know such as PowerBar (Nestle), Starbucks, and PepsiCo, and many brands you may not yet know.  

My specialties include pantry-ingredient cookies and snacks, isotonic and functional beverages, and energy products. 

I combine the chef's art and the scientist's precision as I work, collaborating with the client to ensure we deliver a product that has an eye toward the manufacturability and distribution while creating a product that is cravable for the consumers.

To learn more about my process or to hire me for a project, click below.


Do you feel tied to using recipes but wish you could just "throw things together"?  Or wishing you knew how to use the spices in your cabinets? 

Cooking is part art, part science and I am here to teach you the rules so you can learn to break them. 

In an interactive series of classes, you'll learn the seven contributors to flavor, how to combine foods and spices, and even master wine and food pairing. The best part: each session ends with a meal you created! 

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