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People don’t often attend retreats for the food, but the food can make or break the event.  When your meals are timed perfectly to your scheduled events (even when it changes!) and is flavorful and exciting, your retreat will be remembered for everything flowing smoothly. 


When we work together, I like to work collaboratively with you to develop a menu that is perfect for your event. Whether that is Chakra-themed, wine and food pairings, fueling for yoga teacher training or running in the mountains, always with the guests’ dietary requirements in mind.  Each menu is custom designed for your event, guests, location, and time of year.


Retreats are a time of growth, learning, and community and I love to embrace this with my cooking.  I have a casual approach to retreat cooking in that I love getting to know the guests and welcoming everyone to hang out in the kitchen while I cook.  No stiff white coats or off-limits refrigeration! If desired, cooking demonstrations or interactive food preparations can easily be added to the schedule. 


The menu is planned with your collaboration, then I take care of the rest.  From sourcing, shopping, prepping, and serving, to clean-up and managing leftovers, you don’t need to lift a hand except to pick up your fork. 


Vegan or omnivore, family style or plated, casual or formal: the menu will be a perfect reflection of your retreat, your guests' desires, and the area in which you are hosting.